Heather’s puffy snowbirds

“As a small child, I felt in my heart two contradictory feelings, the horror of life and the ecstasy of life.” – Baudelaire

Rather distressed about the O2 issue this morning, and the demand that a trip has to be made to London to cancel a phone contract (!?) sums up the irrationality of it all. As I told J, sometimes I feel so helpless being a lawyer, able to theorize in all manner of macro affairs, and yet subject to the inefficient bureaucracies of telecommunication and utilities companies. It reminds me much of one of my law professors (an employment specialist) who ranted one afternoon about some manner of injustice and how she was unable to resolve it despite possessing the law down to the letter. Those who claim that lawyers are skeptics might be wrong there, for in this manner many of us are undying optimists who believe that matters should be dealt with efficiently even if in an undignified matter to restore the integrity of the whole affair. But yes, I could rant about this for hours but I’ll try not to for it is a beautiful brilliant Saturday and there is a kitten meowing for my undivided attention and a sashimi buffet in the evening.

Recently feeling unsatisfied workwise, for often wish I could be putting in more hours or finishing up more of the projects, but despite wishes, correcting the details must be settled. Thus the unresolved case study for a conference which has been taking a long time – and before that the transcript – and though being matters which must be done and completed, and my team members are awfully graceful and wonderful about it all, I often find myself wishing to go back to my cases and the inquiry reports – to the investigations and law research, and to file a new report for the next meeting. Sometimes, I feel so unaccomplished and like a broken doll at the end of work – so tired- and yet wishing I could go a leg further, all the unresolved questions in my mind. But yet, three months down and I still love my job – and the feeling of having little moot cases which are my pride.

Yesterday was a Friday night- a favourite for it is the only night I dare allow myself some different type of solace – and in the evening my book and I had a little spot in the middle of Millenia Walk mall, as I had intended to visit a fashion preview for Heather’s in the later evening. Quiet music and a book are inexpressibly fond comforts.

It has been some time since I last visited Millenia Walk, but I have always liked it for the quiet leisurely shops, quaint vintage designers, and always since three years ago all my pieces have been from Heather’s (with the exception of a glass piece I bought in Venice as a memory). Heather’s jewellery combines vintage pieces with an exquisite crystal and eclectic touch, using pieces sourced from US antique dealers. Many of these pieces date from the early ’30s to 60s’ and are painstakingly restored by Heather. Some of her lucite components also date back to the 50s-60s.

Some of the flower components are sourced directly from Tokyo and Kyoto, and it is no surprise that these find most favour in my eyes. My first piece from her was an exquisite Japanese chandelier design, with tiny little crystals and a pink crystal outerlay, and some thin pearl vintage styled pieces. Heather is an ex investment banker turned housewife (what a dream), who made a business out of her hobby, which she terms jewellery making in the style of ‘pop romance’. I have only good words to say about the attention she devotes to her art, and have written at length about her in my previous blog, Contredanse.

Here is a piece from Atelier Heather which she terms, “Kimby’s Treasure”. This necklace was created by her client’s personal bird pin, which she wanted to turn into something special but retain it itself.

Another piece featuring a pin she calls ‘Puffy’ the little white snowbird!

Lastly, a unique take on a recent popularized thin turn necklaces :

Will write more later, perhaps.


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