Boyfriend blazer;

One of those flighty entries.

Some months back (incidentally before our final year law exam in April), I had a sudden longing to own a boyfriend blazer.

I quote the Urban Dictionary, a boyfriend blazer is “a jacket/coat a girl wears that belongs to her boyfriend. she’ll make up any excuse (the most common, ‘i’m cold!’) to get her boy to give her his jacket, so she can wear it everywhere and sleep with it, therefore being surrounded by his scent where-ever she goes. then it starts smelling like her and she gives it back for a while.”

I knew the boy would never surrender his Givenchy blazer, but at least I tried (admitably, it was too huge anyway). And after five months, I’ve found the perfect, perfect white boyfriend blazer with the structured shoulders and the lanky dress length I love. Best of all, it is a fitting throw-on with my work outfits and white ballet flats.

I also celebrated salad week by buying the gorgeous cream/black tulle dress I have been eyeing for months – but only managed to fit in – today. I had been adoring the ballet silhouette of the dress since I returned but law school has ruined me (though best friend Beansprouts remains svelte). I love cream and black, I think it is my favourite colour combination for outfits, besides the conventional black/white.

Someone throw a book at me and remind me to study tomorrow.


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