Whisky ran away;

Dreadfully tired this afternoon and I have been craving for some shopping therapy, but due to a strict work schedule the former rests unfulfilled, pity!

I learnt the truth about Tempura’s brother, Whisky! Whisky, a white arrogant but lovable male, is Tempura’s brother. (Tempura, if you have not noticed, is my beloved kitten and the furriest and most affectionate member in my family).

Whisky ran away some weeks back, from my friend’s house due to ‘natural urges’ (he has not been spayed). I spent the night worrying about my dear little feline kitten too and hugged her a few times to ensure that she understood that leaving home should never be an option.

But how do you explain such things to a cat who probably feels the whole world looks like a splendid big salmon adventure!


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