The old world and the new;

Today, ran into BP at the train station. BP is an ex-colleague at Business Times, and from those days it has been almost three years since we last met. Now, he covers the forex desk and hedge funds, which is an exciting place to be in these times.

I had plenty of fun at Business Times in my six months there, and the motley crew was memorable and very talented. Since then however, much have changed, and almost everyone I knew then has moved on to somewhere else.

N has became a forex trader (but we always knew, for she was our secret stellar trader hiding behind Tuesday company releases),  MP is now at an asset management firm (probably a big shot fund manager!), DB has moved on to management, LY went to Goldman Sachs, but recently moved again to become a fund manager in Hong Kong, Li-en moved to finance etc. My favourite eddie-tor, the wonderful and charismatic Eddie Toh, also sadly passed away in the recent three years. Only Conrad and BP are still faithfully holding on to the ranks.

I still remember a little bit of myself, a wide eyed pre-university girl, learning about markets for the same time, being taken through balance sheets by MP and the whole world of investment markets. It is pretty much the same way I felt when, passing by Lehman Brothers in Canary Wharf for the first time in Dec 07 (on the way to a law interview at CC, no less!), I remember stopping for awhile to stare at the great big building and the enigmatic green Lehman signature, and finding myself wishing that I could work there one day.

When I eventually did (after an interesting eight months in which my friends and I were grilled with all sorts of useful and redundant financial facts for the purposes of copious interviews), the feeling was once again different. University, internships, the starting of a new job – when you pass the post, suddenly the feeling is a little different at the start of each new venture.

But I think it is such little secret yearnings and naive conceptualizations, which actually aid the next step of making it a reality.  I hope I will never quite lose the feeling of having these secret yearnings, because they are in a way always a little indicator of what we need and are looking towards…


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