On ownership;

Recently have been studying land law (licences and leases in the Singapore context, Beansprouts!) but this message is aside from that.

I realized recently, upon laying my hands upon an Emily Temple dress that I had been desiring for a long time, that I did not like it as much as I thought I  would. In fact, it was replaced by a sudden different flick of disdain, which I thought was a remarkably dilettante gesture.

Recently I feel as though I have been treading on a very fine line, and a little constant worry lingering that I will have that same effect on other persons, that I will be susceptible to the “ETC dress effect” or the “William” effect and suddenly witness a volatile switch of emotions and attitude. I just don’t feel ‘safe’ very often anymore. I think a female’s need for ‘an quan gan’ ie. security far exceeds that of men. Men don’t seem to care very much about these matters and think we are throwing little tantrums.

Plan to call you tonight Beansprouts (HK time 8-9pm)… I wish I could send you beancurd. The beancurd here is so good! But then you’re living in Hong Kong so you are never short of dessert or dim sum.


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