Cats are inexplicable;

They really are. One moment in the night as I woke up (insomnia = criminal law readings), I reached out for my little kitty outside the door only to have her scratch, bite and kick me as if I was the creature with a mask from scream. Minutes and sore arms trying to throw her outside the door later, I went back to my work, and did some writing for about half an hour. When I opened the door again, she was this docile little angelic being, rubbing herself with a sorry look around my ankles, and she actually kissed me on the nose when I placed her on the computer table. I was even able to keep her calm as I cut her nails for the day (yes, in my household, the cat gets her daily manicures, baths and even a whisker trim every once in a while)

I am officially starting on criminal law today, or at least trying to. In jitters over how there is so much left to study and yet I long to put my best efforts at work. As I was telling Beansprouts, there seems to be so many distracting things in the world, like our conversations and the dictionary game (which I won him at)…you pick up the dictionary, and basically choose a word which sounds absolutely impossible, and the other tries to guess the meaning. I adore the game, partly because it is the only game I can actually win XD But today we learnt crazy words like ‘vamoose’ and Piyan’s term of ‘prestidigitation’ which I am determined to use on a random moment secret code with Beansprouts or to simply drive people crazy.

I really want to fix my ipod nano but she seems very dead. But I am so reluctant to get a new one as she holds all my favourite ballet pieces from Sylvia and Giselle, an incredible jazz and classical whole collection, and almost every important Chopin piece in my life. And of course, the musicals and rock pieces, and the cheesy Chinese and Cantonese pop songs which Will always sings. The Apple shop has declared her official dead but I am not convinced howevers (refer: Sloman’s chapter on conflict of interest) and I will try another shop at International Plaza.

I am always very chatty at 3am, its the worst time to find me because I always seem to be talking to my cat at this time. Like taking LSD on law, and thinking strange thoughts in the morning.

Beansprouts, I remember a little of my dream sequence from last night and I meant to tell you. I forgot the plot, but I think we were in a Hong Kong movie style type sequence where I left home after a fight with my mother and met up with the Bibimbap Lawyers and we escaped on a restaurant boat pretending to be the shareholders of this restaurant company and we were secretly on a task to find this big mafia boss in a Venetian water organization (once again, read the Hong Kong style). Meanwhile, Chie was around too but she got into a posh car with a Gossip Girl Chuck Bass type character. We were in the boat and I was talking with you so happily and I think we even wanted to do something papier mache. I don’t know, I really loved the feeling of going away.

Alright, enough with the random moments and back to criminal law.


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