The Letter ‘V’;

I was so excited to learn from one of the other scholars, A, that there is a Scrabble team which meets every Monday for a game, and that they even have a handy timer!

I am not at all like my best friend L, who has been training in scrabble since she was three! (After dinner every day, L’s entire family will sit down and play board games. Thus she is now a seasoned expert in every word game imaginable and watches no television (besides House and Monk which we both adore!)   I do love the thought of sitting down for a game, for I love words and the meanings of new words, and its been a long time since I last played scrabble. 

Beansprouts, A (who is working on my floor) knows the meaning of ‘vamoose’! I was so surprised and had to ask where he had learnt the word, and he said it is a word often utilised in cartoons. Oh drats, for I never really watched cartoons growing up (and thus did not learn such adorable, necessary words like vamoose!)

After the law exams are over, I must join in for Scrabble on Mondays.

I took my ipod in for fixing today, and the store owner stared at it and laughed at its vintage. “I don’t even remember this existed!” he declares and I look ashamedly at the floor for I, a very very outdated person in his eyes, own an ipod nano generation 2 and was quite happy with it for many years. I think I like getting the use out of it things, because I am quite it-unsavvy and don’t see the need of changing my technology every half a year. My cravings incline towards chiffon and salmon sashimi, and I am happy with a phone that is a phone and a music player that is a music player.

But yes Beansprouts, in our three years in university, the Ipod Nano grew up and became an Ipod Nano Gen 5. Though what need I have for its new video function I really don’t know, since I already have my camera, though I heard you can rent itune movies and it might be a little distraction for the long ride home. But most of all, I’ll have my Sylvia and Giselle, the rest of my Chopin and Tchaikovsky again, and I’ll have a bit of my music back (in a bright pink casing no less!) to lull me to sleep.

It will be even, even better if I had BBC String of Pearls saved in my player, though I think it is quite difficult though I’ll try. I feel so sad every week that I am unable to store all their beautiful, magical vintage pieces!


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