Chez Madame Violette;

Hatsumi_no_baka showed these beautiful watercolour and pen pieces on EGL, and I just had to ask her to let me share some of her work too! I absolutely love it, and it true, it is the simplest thing like crossiants in cold weather which make a life beautiful.


The story of a small lolita who crosses the city to buy chocolate-filled pastries…


– ” At purple madam “, bakery.

– mme violette: ” hello my small lady ”
lolita: ” hello purple madam! ”
Mr violette: ” we have just opened ”
Mmh violette: ” that what is what you will need? ”
Lolita: ” as usual: two chocolate-filled pastries and two croissants! ”

– baker: ” see you! ”
lolita: ” gfiehfgd miomiom ”
Mr and mme violette ” be careful, it is cold! ”
Lolita: ” miomiomjfdsgjfdigjnfdijn “


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