Rose toilette;

I’m currently trying to sell my Angelic Pretty pink rose toilette dress so if any of the girls who read this blog are interested, please let me know…^-^

It took me a long time deciding which dress to sell… but my Osanpo Candy-chan had some of my happiest memories in my life (London snow day!) so those memories make me quite reluctant to sell Osanpo.

What makes you happy? Today I went to a sushi buffet with my criminal law book and stayed there for two hours reading. I had a strange combination of salmon sashimi, soft shell crab and grape soda floats etc. with criminal attempts, sudden fight, and how to revise the Penal Code topics on my mind. I also accidentally knocked over a box of chopsticks and felt tremendously guilty when people had to help me clean them up! (I always strangely feel guilty when others are doing their cleaning around me, I always feel a strange need to go down and help them with wiping and vacumning lol…)

Anyway after a week of dieting — it was heavenly having a buffet and lots of sashimi! I know this does not constitute ‘dieting’ at all (putting efforts to waste) but I longed for a single luxurious event in a difficult week. Must try harder next week to reach my original target goal of 48kg so I can fit into my Emamuel Ungaro dress!

As I left for home, I was filled with a little warm feeling of happiness!


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