I have discovered a quaint little radio station by chance, and in just one evening they played violin and guitar re-interpretations of some of my favourite jazz pieces, musicals and Chopin! I was so thrilled I wrote in a note to thank them ^-^ Almost feel like sending cookies to the d.j so he will keep playing similar sets. I still wish I could catch bbc classical on my ipod.

Both my kitten and I are bored, but bored in a nice kind of lazy way. I am so distracted by videos as I study criminal attempts > and I actually feel like going clubbing. 0.0 Wish the old Will, Danny and Moses were here suddenly to pull me off my law books and coax me to go to some late night party at an unheard of venue. I haven’t gone to any parties since I was back, and only went to Jazz @ Southbridge twice since, and wish Beansprouts was here to chorus out every song and bridge with me… warm jazz and vanilla ice cream and lemon sorbets…


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