Shirley Temple;


I laughed at M, one of my colleagues at work, when he shared with us how he had bought his wedding ring a few years ago, since he thought he would need it one day anyway. “Who buys a wedding ring years before they even propose?”, I had thought, but his whole proposal affair was admitably very sweet, I tend to think of guys who marry early in very good behaviour that you Beansprouts and ST ought to emulate. Haha!

Anyway that was until tonight when I saw this absolutely adorable dress from Shirley Temple! If I ever had a daughter this is exactly what I would dress her in, together with little white fur boots. Can you see her already Beansprouts!!

Admitably I lingered on the page for more than a few seconds and even…gasp…thought of buying it. But how ridiculous right? Imagine telling your daughter that you bought a dress for her 15-16 years in advance. Worse, if I end up having two sons. What am I going to do with it?? Hang it in their room?

Or what if I become one of those olde spinsters with a cat named Eclair? And I run after the cat trying to fit her into the Shirley Temple dress, alike a horror scene straight out from Charles Dickens’ Great Expectation (Miss Havisham writing law phd books)

Yes, don’t think the dress is such a good idea.


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