I don’t quite believe that its already almost six months since I started work, and time for my confirmation (a process where I become an official employee)! It feels like the start of a relationship with the nervous first few months haha.

I’m pretty glad I still feel pretty much at home here.

The mid-week depression has mostly dissipated, though still feel down often at moments. I suppose maybe its just a matter of not wanting to return back home, and wishing to travel again, or to endeavour something new. After all, Beansprouts knows I am often restless, even in the moments of a day.

I’ve been enjoying reading Evidence law past few days. I had revised it a few weeks before, and realized I had promptly forgotten almost everything. So picking it up again, attempting the questions, reading the articles, it is a mix of fresh insights and curiosity at the permutation of questions. Yes, I am doing my European law-style weird scenario questions again, which I secretly adore, and Beansprouts must remember all the strange scenarios we thought of, especially since he featured in some of them!

I really enjoy this talk about whether the principles and norms of evidence law. I am not so thrilled with criminal, but evidence is pretty exciting, on figuring out what is admissible and what ought to count as legal professional privilege. I bet Mokal would have ran intellectual circles around these guys.

I feel that not being in law school for sometime has affected my speed and ability to make lateral connections between issues. It used to come pretty naturally, and now I have to put some thought to it. I hope I’m not getting old!

And I did write in to the radio station after all!

Dear Sir,
I happened to come across 96.3fm today (Sat Oct 10) and I was pleasantly surprised – the songs were beautiful, with a mix of jazz/musical/Chopin guitar, violin and saxophone interludes. I don’t know how you all did it, but you just covered my favourite pieces (in a different presentation) for the day.
Thank you.

They wrote back an introductory reply on the station, and for Singaporeans, you might like to check out this station. 🙂 But their French is too advanced for me to understand, haha…

 Dear Grace

 Thank you very much for your support in XFM96.3. We are glad to know that you’ve been listening to our station, and enjoying the songs on the Music Interlude segments.

If you are new to our station, you may like to know that XFM96.3 is the Expatriate Radio Station. The station provides a variety of content for the expatriate communities in Singapore while redefining the experience of feeling closer to home. First set up in 1998 as an entertainment and info station for the expatriates in Singapore, XFM 96.3 currently offers a range of broadcast programmes in Japanese, French, German, Korean, and Hindi. Of course, not forgetting our well-received Music Interlude segments, which provide a good mix of soothing music at the following timings:

Mon – Fri: 11:00am – 3:00pm, 10:00pm – 6.50am

Sat – Sun: 6:50am – 5:00pm, 8:00pm – 6:50am

For more details on XFM96.3, you could log on to our website at

Welcome onboard and once again, thank you for your support! 🙂


Liong Kit Yeng

Senior Producer-Presenter

Admitably it is a little strange to be listening to an expatriate radio station 0.0 but they do play some nice pieces.


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