Exam blues;

I remembered that Peanuts video about exam blues again…what was it called?

Had wonderful conversations with Beansprouts on the weekend, nevertheless. Woke up feeling like I had a bad hangover, but then it is worth it to surmise about LED sheep (Mona Baa-lisa!) and randomnalities like Kazuo Ishiguro and a carbonara ending.

It is not very inspiring to talk to me nowadays nevertheless. I can’t wait till exams are over so that I can actually go out and do something constructive. Like shopping… (haha kidding)

I left out an intriguing point yesterday, Beansprouts. The exams seem to be having a regenerative impact on me despite my panda eyes. Two people have mistaken me for being 17 in the past two days, and one person even asked if I wanted the children’s menu. I was quite tempted to take up that offer.

My cat is like a baby haha…when I left house today she mewed mournfully and tried blocking the door with her little body…(futile)…and I remembered the days when I used to do that with my last maid.

I loved my last maid. She was cool. She taught me things like Guns & Roses and new age modern art. We caught butterflies before coaxed me to let them go. She was so pretty, strange men would preposition her on streets. We went to the library every day and finished eight books a day. Before she left, she started seeing her dead father around the house.


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