Heart appliques and jewish violin;

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.” – Edgar Allan Poe

Adore the fact that when I walk home in the evenings, the estate seems to be full of tiny kitties who mew like anything! They are ‘adopted’ by kind women and passers-by who stop to pay or start a chat. I think the character of an estate is shown by its cats!

Have been trying to get back to the books, and now in the midst of constitutional law- life and liberties. The exam’s due soon and it is rather intense. The worst- Gossip girl reruns, and how everything else in my life looks dreadfully attractive just at the moment when I collapse into my workchair. I feel like I have been reading the same commission report forever. Plan to stay late in the office tonight so that I will at least be motivated to work. And try not to think of cinnamon buns (and the gray soft evenings in London).

I haven’t been to a strings concert in awhile. I came across an old friend yesterday who plays the violin, and we were discussing Perlman and some of the new-fangled violin pieces we don’t understand. We both agree that on jewish violin pieces, and wish that we could huddle in some part of Jerusalam one day, while I write in my journal and read a blacklisted book, while she plays the violin. The violinist and the shabby writer. James C lived part of my dream.

ST is going to New York soon to take his bar exam and he is not the least excited. I am longing for a bit of New York!

I sold off some of my old AP things and have been into Mars. Incentive to stick to salad a day and soya bean diet just looking at the designs. I have always had a soft spot for Mars’ designs…and heart appliques, haha! I don’t think Beansprouts will like Mars. But I think ST will ; )

Vivi heart applique jacket. I had been searching for this forever, this is love. I got it in navy…

And remember how I like things in pairs? I got the same too for these adorable bow bags…~~

Anyone read any good books lately, finance, literature or otherwise? For the girls, how have you been!


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