Its lunch time and I am at my desk … zzz …

Feel like calling you again Beansprouts. Meh, I miss you so much this week hmm?

My dreams are so hazardous. I am always doing things I will never do in real life. And I have all kinds of cross history traditional characters in them. Last night there was even a bearded guy reciting Chinese poetry.

I want the exams to be over quickly so I can go to an artificial beach and walk around the whole day with ice cream in hand for day and pinot noir in hand for night. Dizzy thoughts. Fall asleep on a deck chair with a book in hand. Visit strange museums like the Shanghai Toy Museum which apparently exists (why Beansprouts, do I seem to want to visit places that parents actually bring their children to? I am going to be surrounded by crowds of squealing kids again, standing out like a gawky tourist… XD)

I was also contemplating Turtle and Tortoise museum. Or something of which it was called. To see if they paint Monet’s water lilies on their backs too, ha ha.

Are there any places (food and shopping places don’t count) you go to in Hong Kong, Beansprouts?

You must tell me about these tonight. Or tomorrow. Somehow, meh. Exams are next week.


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