Tea organized by the lovely Alcie~!

Its been a long time since I last posted, for I have been holed up in my little room studying for the exams! It was so nice to be free again …! Congratulations to those who have just finished too, and all the best for those who are still in the midst of studying!

I attended a lovely tea organized by Alcie last Saturday. Everyone looked so lovely, and we had so much fun – I am still editing a million photographs from that event at that moment! Will post about that soon. Meanwhile here are some personal shots to share.

I wore several macaroon/cupcake rings to the event…and by the end I had lost two cupcakes!! So depressing 0.0 I miss my little pink cupcake ring most!

Since it was a picnic, I thought it would be nice to wear some flowers~!

And the last…several of us went into the arcade…and had screaming moments trying to fit 7 people into the photo booth!! There were screaming moments just changing a pose every few seconds! XD Sorry that my camera couldn’t get a very good microfunction shot.



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