On presents

“You’re in BIG trouble. I got your present the other day – its been sitting on my desk for 48 hours and I like it so much – I might keep it myself… and go out and buy another one for you. Would it be strange, if we both had the same ____? Or should I just close my eyes, and send the ____ away with your Christmas card – and pretend I never wanted it for myself? That seems quite heroic. Wouldn’t it be nice if you got a HEROIC gift? Or would you rather that we shared an object- that (hopefully) not many people have? I dunno. I’m in a dilemma – the 3rd option is of course buying something else completely but that takes time – and acc to the newspapers, I only have until 1st week of December to send Christmas post- otherwise, it will arrive late. ”

Awwww I like you so much XD. And I just had to post it here as I think it is one of those quotable quotes which sounds almost Kate Atkinson.

I also have a confession to make! Once, I gave a pair of violin cufflinks to someone. But I really loved the violin cufflinks. I stared at it so much for ages in the end I became a COWARD and bought an identical pair. XD

But in this case I want to be SPECIAL, BS. I want the first present you got and want so much, and I want the second one you buy to be yours. *hee A selfish only child tendency!

My colleague was talking today about her children (both energetic boys) and how they always fight over the same thing (in this case, a toy car) although they had so many toy cars.

I think best friends ought to have the same things for eitherwise how can we say Billie Holiday belongs to you or me, BS?

But for Tottoro’s dust mite, even if we both had one, I’ll FIGHT for yours too XD.

There’s something about it being BS’s dustmite which makes it innately attractive.


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