Hello Kitty Lab @ Expo

Today, I visited the Hello Kitty Lab @ Expo, something I’ve been longing to do since it arrived!  I’ve heard good reviews of the lab when the team visited Hong Kong, and thought it looked pretty cool! It was crazy popular in Hong Kong and I heard there might be a repeat new version their next anniversary.

Hello Kitty Lab was devised to commemorate Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversity, and Sanrio linked with other companies to build up a participatory gaming ‘cute paradise’ within a ‘Kitty-fied’ simulation city. (Just think of Neopets being brought to life).

Interesting facts: Hello Kitty was born on Nov 1, 1974 in London, England. She is also said to play the piano and bake cakes! Her favourite items are a bottle of milk, an apple harvested from her Papa’s garden, cookies baked by Papa and her pet goldfish (a cat without gourmet tendencies??) She is said to weigh the same as three apples and stands five apples tall (I really like this height measurement technique haha)

I was supposed to go with J last week, but in the end the entrance fee also frightened them away. And my friends don’t tend to be hello kitty lovers, so no one was really interested. But in the end, I still decided to go as I tend to be quite mad over all things cat!

Gripes about it though – so expensive! And despite the entrance fee, they still did not allow photography. But of course like Victoria I couldn’t resist taking a bit of the cute setup they had at the expo!

Its been some time since my pink AP velveteen jsk got some love~ I wanted to do a blue and red colour theme at first for HK but I had no red in my wardrobe besides the red syrup on my Ribbonholic

There was no official explanation, but a staffer dressed in a lab coat explained the game’s storyline, that an explosion had occurred in Dr Kitty’s lab that caused her to look rather woolly (or bubbly?) and required her DNA and physical being to be reconstituted. Thus, there is a series of mini ‘challenges’ to help Dr Kitty look normal once more.

Plenty of people have been asking, “Who will attend a Hello Kitty exhibition?” To my surprise, the main crowd at the exhibition was actually made up of couples … exactly like the Night Safari! The ticketing booth looks empty now…but just a few seconds before this picture was taken, it was swamped by couples…

Upon entry, you get an electronic device which is apparently supposed to be a form of ‘Hello Kitty DNA’ and a map which directs you to a series of ‘locations’ to complete the challenges. You basically put the ‘Kitty DNA’ on each booth’s recognizing device to activate each challenge. However, as I tend to be quite bad in directions, I often found myself going in circles, though it was an enjoyable idea getting lost amongst the different locations!

Kitty Ribbon Salon…my first stop to choose from a series of head ribbons a ribbon for my kitty!

There was even a ‘Hello Kitty’ boutique which had a range of fashion items for Hello Kitty, and included a Haute Couture section with Hello Kitty Chanel bags!

An enormous woolly kitty in the center of the exhibition…I tried to get a picture but was caught by a ‘Hello Kitty officer’ 0.0

What songs would Kitty sing in the KTV?

This was part of the boutique, and was quite a fun game…you had to sort of repeat a flinging motion with your hands to retrieve Hello Kitty’s clothes at the bottom of a soiled stack. On one hand, I felt utterly juvenile doing it, on the other, when was the last time you played easy Wii?

There were different ‘locations’ besides the above like Kitty Cafe (where you had to ‘slurp’ a bowl of noodles…and I never figured out why before doing it haha) , a Career Centre to find a job for Kitty, a Formula One booth for kitty racing, Kitty College, and even Daniel Travel (where you are sent all over the world find pretty accessories for Kitty!) The lab even had a ‘Hello Kitty police station’ where lost Kitty-philes could head to to ask for directions. Complete the tasks within 35 minutes, and you get a Kitty star badge. Of course I had to get one, to hang it proudly on the collar of my real life kitten!

 But um…I admit to having really bad psychomotor skills. Somehow I turn left when I feel like going right often, and press buttons all over the place (which is why I make a great Daytona arcade driver with my crazy driving and a terrible gamer with everything else)…haha and so my Kitty id ended up looking like Avril Lavigne Kitty drinking milk!

Overall I really liked the experience and thought the whole project was quite unique! Everyone possibly needs a little obsessive experience like this once in a while.

And of course, before I left…snuck a picture with Woolly kitty…~

I didn’t get any souvenirs as though I like Hello Kitty, I am actually not so interested in HK merchandise! I suppose my real life kitty is sufficient for daily living. But I did like the eco tote bags they were offering which looked really cute.

All in all I really enjoyed Hello Kitty Lab and might visit again when I go to Tokyo!~ (will drag either the poor boyfriend or the poor best friend next time)


4 responses to “Hello Kitty Lab @ Expo

  • E

    It will take a LOT of salmon sashimi (+ green tea ice cream) to drag the poor BF along to Hello Kitty lab.

    I think the slurping thing might have something to do with how its polite in Japanese society to slurp your noodles to indicate your enjoyment and appreciation of it. The louder the slurp, the more you enjoyed it.

    • unefilleelegante

      Aww remember you’re next in the list…and I know you can be bribed by salmon sashimi and green tea ice cream!! Lets go slurp together XD

  • Aiko

    “Thus, there is a series of mini ‘challenges’ to help Dr Kitty look normal once more.”

    Actually, no. Dr. Kitty succeeded in creating the Kitty DNA(KTA)[the bubbly thing you carry around], and you’re given a chance to make your own Kitty-chan instead. BTW kitty lab is the 35th year anniversary project. I don’t think it’ll be another kitty lab. Probably some other theme.

    I went to the kitty lab too and it was really fun! ❤ Did you manage to get the medal?

    • unefilleelegante

      Hello Aiko!!~ Thanks for clarifying! I got confused by the whole DNA thing 🙂 I thought it was your version of the story too but my friend (who had attended the Hong Kong one) insisted it was the other haha XD Maybe Hong Kong and Singapore had different story plots! But I like the idea of holding Kitty DNA more 😀 Though if I could do it again, I’ll put my Kitty in a pretty dress and not a rocker outfit lol! XD

      I managed to get the medal too and attached it to my kitty’s collar! But it was too heavy and in the end I took it off haha!

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