Dream collection fulfilled~~!!

A story of my obsessive tendency to collect almost all the things I own in two-three different colours. Usually two. Three if I really, really like it. Thus, I have Osanpos in twos (just sold off my black osanpo kyandi-chan however, even though Beansprouts says it is the nicer colour), Mary Magdalene milrose in twos, Chanel in twos, black-white Mcqueen heels in twos…etc. ‘Twin’ would be more grammatically accurate but it unfortunately also has a Stephen King connotation. I don’t know, I am one of those boring individuals who can even have the same dish for weeks on end if I feel like it. Its changing. I try.

But there are some things which just deserve to be in twins. Like the Moitie irongate. ~Irongate love~!!~~~!!

I first fell head over heels for it when I saw it on egl on this pretty egl-er above, and clamoured to learn what was the print. It is the only print I have ever desired to form a three-some for. White-black, black-white and black-navy. I was so happy to see sweet_misa put up an auction for the black-white version today, and of course fought to have it (scary fight too!) She is the most, most darling and accomodating seller, and was very quick to answer to my questions and requests. I think it is sellers like that which make egl a better place. After having been on the EGL Community for about 3 years now, I now really appreciate a good and kind seller when I meet one.

I now have my Moitie irongate dream collection and own the skirts in all three colour schemes! This print is the rarest Moitie print in the community- it took me three whole years to finally build up the collection. And I have no wish for the ops as I think the cut won’t fit me, though they are so pretty in stock pictures, and egl-ers like Kagetsuki look so pretty in them. Ah~~ And I think the black-white will be more practical? I just can’t wait for it to arrive and I sure hope it fits as I bought sz 2 this time! But I’ll eat carrots for a month just for irongate. XD

I don’t think I will be buying anything else after this, and it will probably be only sales of my remaining pieces to the end of 2010.

After all, sleepy cat is clamouring for better quality salmon.

Yes I know, I’ll never be able to sell that petticoat after she has sat on it XD

How about you? Have you ever wanted to build up a collection in different colours? I am curious whether other people do it too : D

ps Beansprouts: I’m still so amused after my phonecall tonight that you are able to read my moods. Do you know it was just today? Sigh. I was so happy to speak with you tonight, and would have loved to see the brown box with a big brown bow!~

pps: Will be sharing photographs from the party soon…


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