ST and I worked out things a bit last night…I think.

He says I’m like an onion…*ha ha …I never say how I really feel upfront and you have to wait to ‘peel’ several ‘layers’ to get to the ‘truth’. Drats on men, why do I always have to say how I really feel? Can’t everyone be like R and intuitively understand the way females do, I’m never having a guy friend ever again *lol

But I think his reverse psychology does work for me. He knows I have an inbuilt big ego + strong defence mechanism, and a way to make me laugh and bounce back strongly is to criticise me jokingly, till I retort and suddenly feel a bit better. I think there is a space inbetween of vulnerability where you are not sure where you are, and talking about things where you are lowest in the stack suddenly changes your perspective on a whole lot of things.

If this was a break up I got to Stage 4 pretty quickly. Cried for four hours last night, woke up with a bad vodka hangover, and headed for work relying on a strawberry cream frapp to keep sane.


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