A new addition to the blog- a little snow for Christmas! I love snow, and I still have fond memories of the snow in London.

Today was crackling busy at work.It is only now that I have my real first moment to rest properly in the day! And I still have many things to plan for tomorrow as there is an important meeting coming up. I made several mistakes today which I am feeling so bad about. Mental note to be as meticulous as DB, and to check, check and re-check what I submit next time.  I have also been strangely ‘arrowed’ to be the rep in charge of Christmas decorations for the office, and we have decided on a glass snowflakes and blue theme, and fake snow and the like. Also a retreat to plan, besides the tons of work left and transcribing to finish. Though SH and I managed to sneak down for a quick green tea latte, which just left me somehow happier for the day. The boss is bringing in gammon ham for Christmas, and there is talk about sushi and sashimi at the department party.

But enough about work.

Following after A’s suggestion, decided to do an entry about the colour yellow!

Yellow is very much my new favourite colour. Though Beansprouts knows I have been sporadically declaring different favourite colours like a dilettante… the last being a particular shade of tiffany blue …In the time I have known you Beansprouts, how many favourite colours have I professed to have?

Here are some of my favourite yellow things ~What are yours? : ) I think light yellow is lovely with lavender, or soft mint. It is also quite a unique colour for egl and I have not seen many yellow items made by AP.

Sassystrawberry, an egl-er from Singapore, in Strawberry Cream by Mew! She looks absolutely lovely and I love the yellow tulle on her dress and thinks the cakes look so yummy. I really think she matched this coordinate perfectly.

Yellow tea party shoes! I think this is my favourite colour in the tea party shoes collection by Secret Shop. However tea pretty shoes don’t quite suit me and I am more of a boots person. Still I love seeing them in outfits!

My Samantha Thavasa bag~ Its not exactly yellow in the picture but I think it is pure love~. I love Samantha Thavasa and Samantha Vega’s collections!

Yellow clouds before the thunder strikes. I’ve seen this sight once in my life and it was absolutely beautiful.

Pastel yellow vintage dresses with a feathered yellow headband! I love yellow in vintage!

Yellow/cream version of Blair Waldorf’s ‘stupid’ headband from Gossip Girl. I love it so much but never bought it because its crazy expensive and I don’t think thick headbands suit me as much. But everything looks phenomenal on Blair.

My happy dress, the AP yellow dot chiffon that I recently wore to the meetup : )

AP Princess rose canotier in yellow. I love the way the yellow hides in the pink and cream, what a sweet combination!

Dream car – a fierce yellow convertible. It will never be suitable for work, but then again, most of the things I love aren’t.


Beauty and the Beast! *hee~~

Hope you liked the things I shared~ would love to see yours too!~

One of my favourite yellow outfits to brighten up my day~ A vintage Dior blazer over a yellow chiffon blouse ~


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