AP Dream Dollhouse in mint, anyone?

The Dreamy Dollhouse collection arrived at BA!~ I rushed down to try to get something but everything I wanted was gone~ but there was still the mint op and I was so in love with it I bought it on the spot. I am still waiting for a mint skirt I previously ordered from my shopping service though, and since I have the op, will probably be selling the skirt. Let me know if you might be interested. : ) Or I’ll make a sales post soon too. I’m still waiting for it to arrive from Japan though.

I also have the full set (socks, headbow, jsk) for lavender, which I might sell depending on which colour I like more, or might keep if it turns out I like it in lavender too. Oh drats, paid shopping service fees for nothing! But I loved it at first sight, and the print is absolutely lovely. Which is utterly contradictory in many ways, as I did not like it when the screen shots were first out. But the mint and pink is so much prettier in real life!

I also met Momo at BA today, where she was manning the shop, and she was wearing the pink musical beret I sold to her! And she looks so absolutely lovely in it, with a matching pink coordinate and cream jacket. I am so happy that my beret has found a sweet owner who gives it more love~!

I went straight to work today after a fabulous sleepover with L. We had so much fun, and watched the last episode of Monk together! *tears to know Monk is at its end. What can satisfy my craving for detective flicks now? Though admitably Monk wasn’t smart the way I like it. L agrees, most of the cases which Monk solves are quite intuitive. Or the clues are hidden in such a way where the viewer never had a chance anyway.

We decorated the office Christmas tree today! Haha I like the ‘market conduct squirrels’ at the side. Lots of photographs to upload since forever. Maybe later!


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