Living on catnip / the glam office tree;

As BryanBoy always says, living on salads is difficult. I like it more that my colleague always yells ‘catnip, catnip!’ when he sees my lunch. But all in all its pretty fun discovering all kinds of new salad combinations, and my new love for avocado and watermelon soya. I wish that I had time to make cute bentos like these, with strawberries for dessert! But I really do get tempted by absolutely everything I pass by nowadays. But selective choosing means that I have what are my utter favourites, and perhaps my kitten feels like that too since she has been recently subject to ‘new diet menu’ combining different menu choices.

On another note, we decorated the office tree! There is no set theme though we had like, no budget and so decided to use anything and everything. I really had fun doing it up with E, SH and G even if ST keeps saying that we only have time to do up Christmas trees because I am not working in London (Have you ever seen Goldman Sachs employees do up their own tree? Slaughter & May do up their own tree? Clifford Chance do up their own tree? etc. ) Regardless I had fun doing up the tree and seeing the tree (with Lehman squirrels!) whenever I come into the office in the morning. Little things like that which brighten up my day (and hopefully those in the office). So Beansprouts, when I call you this weekend or maybe tonight, don’t you dare crack “Do you ever see Hong Kong lawyers do up their own tree” jokes. XD

And even a Christmas tree had implications. Last year, the department did not put up anything for Christmas since it was the Lehman Minibonds period, and they thought it would be a bad representation to the public if we demonstrated any form of celebrations. It does make sense. When a company is running into insolvency, the last thing you want to see when you go into work is your CEO sporting the latest fashions and driving a funky Lamborghini. This year, despite the weak recovery, the fact that we now feel that we are able to put up a Christmas tree means something, a testimony to the hard work of everyone in the department. Despite the recent crisis re Dubai, there will be something to look forward to next year, personal and otherwise.

The next one is pretty funny. I wrapped a blue box, but couldn’t figure out where to get ribbon from, so I made a temporary piece with silver wrapping paper bits and the tack is from SH’s table. We perpetually took it out from her cupboard haha!


Poor squirrel squirrelled away her money… 0.0

I can’t wait for Christmas!!

Short outfit post from the weekend…~ where I wore some mint and cream ~ (um…just washed hair so it is a little messy!) I love my rainbow headband from Etsy : ) Paddle pop colours always cheer me up on the weekend!

I still haven’t managed to go jetskiing yet. I’ve been wanting to go since I came back. But there seems to be so many things to finish lately!

Poor Tiger Woods. I really liked watching his competitions, and have respect for him as a player. I think the paparazzi is having a field day with the recent revelations.


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