Nearing lunch hour. I’m feeling a little dazed and there was quite alot of work this morning. I feel quite constantly tense an even dreamed about my assignments last night – imagine spending the whole course of a sleepy dream finishing an inquiry report, and realizing when you wake up that you need to actually finish it! Also a bit mad at myself last night as I had made some studying notes and edited them quite substantially, and accidentally forgot to save in MyDocuments and had a field day searching for the file in Content.IE5 and researching on computer forums. I give up, probably will have to start all over again.

My cat seemed quite unhappy at me this morning too. Even swatted me with her right paw when I tried to pat her. Yes, the world is not looking good this morning!

At least I could dwell upon things which Beansprouts talked about last night. And contemplate what are ‘exhilarating’ things females could do. What would I do without you Beansprouts! I still laugh a bit when I think about our ‘carbonara’ experience last night – I think I have fond memories of all our code word moments to fend inquisitive parents off our phone conversations. Or the cute way your dad calls you to answer the phone like an excited March rabbit, “Erwin, Erwin!”. Or about the japanese occupation of Hong Kong.

Must keep these happy thoughts to get through the day.


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