Sleepover and Rudolph Preoccupations;

Picture shared from the Coordination blog

I am looking forward to Christmas! I have no time to decorate the house however, what with the examinations and the like. Maybe all we will have is a new Christmas green and red collar for my cat? Has anyone seen anything like those? My cat currently has the happiest collar collection and it often brightens up my day so much. Yesterday, she managed to capture a lizard, and it must have been the highlight of her evening as everyone praised and hugged her for it all night!

Singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to myself in the office, in a quiet lunch period. Also replying emails and the like, and checking on my StarryCandyBox order. Please please don’t place customs fees on my order, Singpost! Please give me a nice happy Christmas! I am so worried Singpost will give me a charge of 37% of my order or something ridiculous like that as some girls have shared. Does anyone have any experience with Singpost customs?

Thought I’ll share a few pictures from the sleepover I had with L some time ago (have taken forever to upload these!)

I was greeted by a hamster! This is Pillow (or Blanket). I love L’s hamsters (in the past, there was Har Kow, Siu Mai etc.) and these are the new ones. But they are not nice to humans at all, and run so fast that you can’t catch them in your hand! Yes they need some human training! I tried all kinds of tricks to stroke a little bit of Pillow’s ear though : ) Why cats are better. You can catch them so easily after they turn fat… XD

L looking cute…. XD The pictures on the wall are all drawn by her dad/ cross stitched by her mother! L herself is an amazing artist, and takes lessons under the top watercolour master in Singapore apparently (insert name). Her father is also an excellent artist and his paintings are all around the house. Their family tends to do ‘eco’ paintings or nature inspired pictures, as L is very much an environmentalist! We used to be in the same committee in Earthwatch together, though admitably as a lawyer I am not as efficient at recycling paper… XD

I want doggy entrances too!

I am in love with L’s cupboard and fridge. Its like…Mary Poppins bag. Her parents travel quite often, and they have all kinds of candy, snacks, smoked salmon, rose syrup drinks, Haagen Daz ice cream….~~ Here we are trying some scallop candy (I remember these from the time when I went to the Hokkaido fair) and some duck wing candy. Yes. DUCK WING CANDY.

Late night poker, my craze. I miss poker so much, want to have an all night session again. We played with Y too who came over….and the both of us won…which meant that Y had to do a cow dance forfeit!

See this link for Y’s remarkable cow dance XD >>

Definitely blackmail material against our future high court judge in the making…

We were so sleepy after we eventually finished poker…and in the morning when I got up early from work, L was as snug as her sleeping hamsters… aww…

What Christmas plans do all of you have~ ? Is anyone going skiing or the like? I miss having snow days…

Daily outfit post~!

A personal happy accomplishment!~~ I realized today that I could fit into an old navy dress which I have not managed to for two years… =_=’ It was always one of my favourite dresses, partly for the adorable cream rose belt that comes with the dress. I think navy blue is also a lovely colour nearing the Christmas season(don’t ask me why!)


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