Posted with permission by the lovely HarlyHarlekin

Thought I’ll share these stunning pictures from a fellow egl-er who matched sugary carnival black so beautifully- and brought to life one of my fantasies…wearing a carousel dress, carrying a unicorn, on a carousel horse!

It also brings back fond memories of the abandoned carousel in the park near the Louvre, when I visited Paris.

I love horses (the real ones, though the carousel ones are equally fairy-love). I remember on one of my travels, being on top of a brown horse, and trotting around the field – which was one of my proudest and happiest moments. I felt as though the horse understood me, and had the kindest motherly eyes, and I adored just being on a horse and observing every little movement or twitch of the horse, or the little gasp of excitement when the horse begins its journey. I think I am one of those who would be happy (alike Julia Roberts’ character in Runaway Bride) riding away on a horse to the sunset after a wedding!

The strange thing was, when I was younger, I didn’t like carousels that much, and always bypassed them when I was at carnivals. I adore the twirling speedy dangerous rides, or the upside down twirly cup things, but now you would have to perpetually drag me to put me on one (if I manage to open my eyes at all). I only started appreciating carousels, and the whole fantasy of a carnival, when I grew up, perhaps.

I remember reading a lovely article in Tatler before I left, on steam-run carnivals – carnival exhibitions, where they kept carousels or precious rides going back to the 1950s, 1960s, and had painstakingly restored them, and travel all over the country. I regret not visiting again, for it was something I wanted to go to before I left. I would also love to see Disneyland, ah the dream of youth! My parents had always promised a trip to Disneyland, or Orlando, when I was young, if I topped the class, but I did top the class a couple of times, and still no trip =_=’.

Today was an inordinately busy day, and this was my first moment of the day to rest with a green tea latte and to pen this entry. Strangely, writing like this, on random thoughts, has a calming effect on me and lasts through the afternoon. I think writing equally random thoughts in my other serious journals are for that reason, or recording down the thoughts for the day. Though this blog is kept obviously for Equalia fantasy reasons, and hopefully won’t be subject to too many scheduled work thoughts.

But last night, as I was discussing with a good friend and colleague, I had the most peculiar dream whereby I was answering and drafting replies/letters for work (linked to the current cases I am in charge of), researching inquiry reports etc for the entire dream. 0.0 Just sitting at my desk and answering replies and filing them etc. and doing research. Eeps. I am working double in a day. What a work hazard! YY tells me that the night before he dreamt that he met a uniformed detective, and they were discussing a case where the ‘suspect’ had made $4.3 million (such exact figures!) by market manipulation. It is so funny, I wonder if all my colleagues are all secretly having such crazed work dreams too! I will have a double dose of chaomoile tea tonight to try to prevent such work dreams again.

Going to the currency house with colleagues later. Quite excited! It has been awhile since I was a child since I went there. When I visited the Bank of England Museum however, it was a little too simple though I loved the ‘inflation balloon’ where you have to press some triggers to cover the rate of inflation in times of crisis/booms etc., with several ‘incidents’ happening along the way. What fun. I even challenged a little boy to break an ‘inflation code’ by answering some questions (when does the monthly rate committee meet, what causes inflation and what rate did England face in xxx etc.) Things that central bankers get ironically excited about haha!

Managed to have a little bit of conversation (more than the recent half a minute calls) with ST last night… so feeling a lot better and happier for it : ). ST got a Raffles Hotel giftcard for me for Christmas! Its a long time since I’ve been to the Raffles Hotel for lunch, but still somehow I think I’ll keep it for when ST visits Singapore…if he ever comes. : ) I think I am going to get so stuffed on the 24th! There are plans to bring gammon ham, fruit cakes, log cakes, and even shitake mushroom pies (plus tons of alcohol) for Christmas.

Thank you those who sent letters and presents in the post!! Oh my goodness I love you all : ) Will definitely reply each one with love. Thanks so much for the pretty dress A, will definitely wear it to a lovely ballroom event and give it much love! Thanks for the Chanel gold application E ~!  You are my favourite jazz girl always, and I wish you success with the release of your new record this year. I will definitely come and watch you when you come to perform in next year’s summer jazz concert.

I must remember to write to lilac_ambience too. I miss the gal, and its been so long since I penned something! Also for L and so many others. For the loli girls too!~

Most of all… Miss you Beansprouts…will call you tonight?


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