I really felt so ‘sparkly’ after our conversation tonight, Beansprouts. Thinking about two copies of Remains of the Day, thinking about a high school Beansprouts being really mad if someone creased his book 0.0, about thin accent-y literature Whose line is it Anyway characters, an Indonesian-Hong Kong-Singapore themed Christmas tree, about finding rings in mince pies, about your mother buying two decorations every week for your *real* pine tree, about your thick white candles on the dining table, about turkeys and law lecturers, on Chinese and farming spinach games…

Each time we talk you bring me to Equalia. I am really worried one day I will be Iris Murdoch and we realize there is no more Equalia, I am cycling alone into the darkness (you’ll be practical Lisa!)

I particularly liked it tonight when I mentioned apricot chocolate and you went ‘eeww’ and I then mentioned scallop candy and you went ‘double eew’…

What can I say, thanks for cheering me up on a lonely studying Saturday night and set offs will never be the same without you.




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