Laundry Raccoon!!

One of my favourite girls in the office gave me an adorable new coin purse (so I would stop ‘donating’ coins) by surprise last week!~ I love it because its red and white and polka dotted…one of my favourite colour schemes…! The first time I saw it I was practically squealing over it…for it has the cutest raccoon tail as the zipper!~

The name of the purse is actually ‘Laundry Raccoon’. In the attached story introduction, Laundry Raccoon is an immaculate raccoon who is rather like Mr Monk, for he loves cleanliness and is always washing all his things all over again … doing the laundry makes him happy!

See, Laundry Raccoon’s best friend is soap bubble XD

I wore Innocent World to the office last week~ I think it is one of the few brands which possibly seams into daily living~

This is one of my favourite blouses, and I had gotten it through a trade with a lovely girl on the community…and I’ve actually forgotten what I traded it for!~ I’m in the midst of two trades right now too. I think I quite like trades, because my things get more love with other girls, and I get surprises for them~!

I found this photograph while tidying my albums!

The boy looking intense on this japanese swordplay game XD… I love it when he goes all serious and unconsciously pats me when he wins (like I’m a side pet) haha! I am terrible at all shooting games but he is terrific, and I think I shoot him more often in those two player games than I shoot the enemy =_=’


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