Still feeling horrid from the night before…and can’t seem to have anything but berries and yoghurt. Was put on hold for practically an hour, sounds familiar? Only good thing for today was meeting T, and T was T, and brought back a little bit of the memories when we were staying together and T would flash that smile even nearing exams when we were in despair. Or start waving his sword in our corridor haha.

Last night was surprised by a message from S, who is back from Bristol! Definitely have to meet S and A again, for I miss them both terribly. They are a part of my life which is kept away for the best moments.

I remember S proclaiming how he looked forward to NS and his theories on how NS would be all dandy and perfect, and realizing after he entered that it clashed utterly with his creative personality and it was not all he imagined at all. Sometimes, and very often, I feel like S entering NS.

I haven’t done picture posts in awhile as I am not feeling up to it yet. And I think its crazy that the CFA weekday night courses are $2000! What are they teaching?!? M and S, hopefully I might work hard and pass it so that the three of us can open our own training school and not charge these incredulous expenses.

Aargh ok I am going to work to get things off my mind.


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