Feeling quite unhappy lately. Aargh. And the computer system breaking down on me is not helping it, the data refuses to load the way I want it… =_=’

I don’t know, I feel so internally dissatisfied about so many things and it maddens me because I hate not being able to fix things immediately, the way things are in life.

The only bright thing in my life- handwritten cards, and messages reminding me of the sweetness of all of you out there. Without you all, where would I be?

But I still feel often down and unhappy, and more often than I wish. No its not that Beansprouts, before you psychoanalyze women.

I am looking forward to Christmas weekend, and Christmas parties. But there are some things that even a party can’t help get over, do you know what I mean?

I am passing on my 60% of unhappiness to you Beansprouts, but I am not sure if you can be empathetic reading my words (I bet the survey researcher didn’t consider that).

I wish I could stop feeling ancillary. In love, in work, in so many things.


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