EOY 09′ (part 1)

This post is for d_l, will upload more photographs from the event later once I have an opportunity~! : )

I attended EOY 09 today with my work colleague J, and had loads of fun!~ Much thanks to Tim and his amazing team, EOY managed to go on this year. Its been three years since I last attended EOY! And so much has changed since then.

I missed the lolita runway as I was too tired after several hours 0.0 …I wonder how all the cosplayers do it!~ I have some favourites, will post them up hopefully soon.

But in the meanwhile, just to share some outfit shots for d_l… (please forgive my dying camera, I keep meaning to change and get a better one, but can’t figure out which I should get!)

And a close up of accessories~~ : )

OP: Angelic Pretty White Memorial Cake~
Cuffs: Angelic Pretty
Beret: Angelic Pretty
Necklaces: Herajika, Ribbonholic
Flower brooches: Shirley Temple
Shoes: Offbrand, a random Korean shop : )

Ring: A keepsake from Vienna
Bag: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Pannier: Li Ping
Tights: Daiso


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