Happy New Year everyone!~~

Happy New Year everyone! T says I should say something quixotic this year for the season, but do not feel in the most liberal of moods, despite getting no overnight alcohol this year.

An opening song which I think is applicable for the festive mood (I’m quite addicted to it after watching Hi My Sweetheart haha!)

Its been a fantastic start to the new year – in the afternoon, had a group lunch with the rest, and SY was sharing her hilarious dating stories. All of SY’s dating stories seem to take place on another continent, and in the most incredible and serendipitious of episodes -like whilst dancing tango in Buenos Aires, meeting French-Tunisians thousands of miles off land who promptly bring their mothers to meet her on the next visit…and she will be off to Mexico for a whale-sighting visit in March. SY is indeed a happy swinging single living life vicariously – will I be ever tempted to take on such a jet-setting lifestyle (albeit without the single label attached?)

Anyway it was a half day at the office yesterday so didn’t finish much work. My CFA is languishing, hope to finish my accounting text this weekend, but going out with friends to watch Sherlock Holmes tonight. I am not the most excited about it if you know what I mean, because despite being an avid Arthur Conan Doyle fan who has finished every single story from his collection, I’ve heard the movie varies greatly from text (which pleases the Indiana Jones-Kill Bill genre fans, but not me who prefers a violin-cocaine Sherlock talking about all range of affairs from his chair in front of a fireplace). But I cannot really imagine watching Sherlock Holmes, I think it will destroy my fantasy of Holmes somewhat, just as the recent Bond movie was good but Bond was too brutal and in-your-face than I had hoped. Yes, there is a greater charm in men who think before they act! Yes, Sherlock should be no mere illusionist without a plan behind the scenes. Like a well-executed Perlman piece, every strand of unhappy circumstance should have been well considered in his mind rather than unravelled by sudden uncertainties. How well can movie scriptwriters recreate the genius of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famed character?

Regardless. Last night I attended a countdown party at D’s, with the theatre studies crowd, all gathering from around the world after a long time – saw many old faces which I missed, and the charm of Beatles playing with a decadent potluck dinner (I was spoiled with subsooka, avocado mixes, all sorts of salads, popiah, grilled chicken, and even a cheese plate with a likeable brie) and the people were awesome. That word might not fit everyone, but just for this group it did, and I had a little bit of deja vu as they rendered their stories from around the world. I particularly enjoyed hearing about A’s dissertation, with her feminist interpretation of a certain text she was considering, and the difference between first and third world views in literature, considering women of different backgrounds. I broached to her also the concept of Pico Iyer’s ‘global soul’, and what it means for any interpretation, and she shared a very interesting view on that. I have missed very much this feeling, to be able to explore and talk about different texts and interpretations, to dwell on perspectives of the person ‘hanging on to the edge of the pink bunny-fur’, as Jostein Gaarder I believed put it, to see things from a radically rebased perspective. My work dwells on the practical so much, I often miss the dreamy, obsessive rants of university life on UCL grass and over a late afternoon lunch which lasts too long.

We took out the firesticks and did a brilliant countdown! S got dunked in the swimming pool…the rest continued binge drinking…I left with many thoughts on my mind.

I have not uploaded the photographs yet, but I think I will soon. I don’t want to leave Christmas, I am still in a Christmassy mood.

I also visited Fou de Fafa for lunch with SY and P that day, and was quite enchanted with some of the absurd settings in the restaurant, like the clock which runs backwards and the strange names of dishes. The pictures speak for themselves.

Apparently Fou de fafa means Crazy language of food or something like that? All the dishes had alien names like “The Nerdy Greek Goofy Salad”…

I think the above description made me fall in love with the place.

Be careful with the timing of takeaway orders!

The pretty P who shared with us about her working experience in Dubai, her love for Shawshank Redemption, the ins and outs of working in economic policy, amongst other things. Her pretty face has won over many a visiting central banker from um, secret neighbouring countries!

Yes….the picture we have all been waiting for…the food! Which was fantastic, in fact. It was incredibly tasty, like a salad pizza which panders to my tastes.

Happiness on a plate.

We had a karaoke session, and some of my colleagues can be very um…emotional even in old Hokkien songs XD

In one of the famed Jay Chou -Fei Yu Qing replayed combinations, we had our own version of the song with Fei Yu Qing played by SY on the right and YY on the left…haha!

Sorry its all so dark! My flash is not the best =_=’

Thats all for now, and I wish you all a lovely New Year!~~

My first dress from BC…thanks so much JY!!~ One of my favourite Christmas gifts, and it just fits perfect.

My cat’s boyfriend (or one of her two, as another gray kitten has an affection for her too) has been sitting outside our door for hours. She is like a Greek Rosalind, refusing their affections with a fierce rowr each morning. Still, I think they are very faithful, considering the view of our potted plants isn’t very interesting to spend a few hours in willing doting pilgrimage.


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