Not my hungry cat

An advantage of being a cat person is that my friends send me everything cat-related, be it feline stories, pictures of their cats, excited renditions of Hello Kitty or Charmmy Kitty etc. But the top picture is one of my favourites… B’s hungry kitty! Haha I asked B if hungry kitty got her food, but he said that she is currently restricted to kitty meal unfortunately as she has some kidney problems. Yes, even kittens have health problems too, and the first sign of it is when they start looking for and chewing greenery like leaves, houseplants (even fake plants) etc.

Another colleague SH showed me a quaint idea recently…photobooks! There is a local company which takes your photographs and binds them into books for a fee, and you can add your own story text etc. which I think is absolutely lovely…I want to make one for ST one day : )

She made one for her trip to Japan with her family…

Yes, she loves teddy bears, how did you guess?

I think it is a pretty cool idea for people like me who can’t cut a straight line to save a life. It makes me think of D’s handmade little black books which I loved, where he would include a handwritten story and some pictures. Very memorable, for we met through words, after all.

I was suppose to have a sleepover with best friend L today but her parents are sick, so I flipped back to photographs of our previous awesome sleepover!~~

This is L.

She is a doctor who paints.

She is a doctor who eats. Crystal Jade, Beansprouts! Century egg and lean meat porridge (my favourite!), harkaus, chicken with prawn paste, bandung…

And cosy home cooked meals…sigh…

This is how she studies.

See the resemblance?

Scallop and corn sweets galore!~ Her parents are perpetually travelling so they bring the most incredible snacks back from overseas, like blue potato chips. They have a never ending supply of smoked salmon in said fridge. I think I could live in her study room forever with smoked salmon.

My present for her…funky Tweety (did you know Tweety is a male?) which comes complete with shades. Who loves corn sweets. L goes off into medical words rant….she can recite about a thousand strange words in one breath. And sing a medical diseases song…which…I can’t even pronounce the titles of. L has young boys in her Sunday School class who have crushes on her, and one penned a letter saying her was “deep deep down down in love” with L and wanted to marry her.

I have a 6 year old best friend brother in law!~~

I miss my dear dear best friend (don’t be jealous, Beansprouts) and can’t wait to see my dear obsessed doctor again!~~


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