d.l post

I forgot to upload these from a long way back…~~ But I just thought to share!

I was meeting one of the Singapore egl-ers, Kamen , and her friend Alcie, for dinner~ and they looked so pretty I just had to share!

We ate at MOS burger (memories of high school!) and the cashier was so besotted with Kamen, he asked many questions and I think he wanted to bring her home.  : ) She looked so lovely and I love her daiso rose impromptu bracelet!~ Alcie also looked so sweet and it was so wonderful meeting her for the first time! (this was the day before the picnic we had at the botannical gardens)

It was such a fun dinner and imagine my surprise when I found out that Kamen and I went to the same high school! What a coincidence!~

But enough talk, here are the pictures…


I’m glad my AP red bottle found a new home!~ Hee Kamen looks so sweet with it!~~

There were so many people that day…and I wish I could photoshop out that guy….=_=’

I had just finished work and had not expected them to dress up, so I wore my usual casual!~ So um…not very lolita. XD Please forgive.

I hope to meet them again! Alcie’s the sweetest ever, and Kamen is a brilliant strategist and gamer (hee I found out when we were paired on the same team during the Black Alice tea party)…and I really enjoyed the dinner with them… : )


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