I love the above picture from Fendi 09 collection. Maybe its something about the red ballet-esque shoes with the black, or the tulle, but I think its rather lovely!~

So tired from today, but I really tried my best.

I met C for lunch – C’s the mother of Tempura’s mother, as I often say, and I love her – my cat’s sweet soul really takes from her. (all the bad parts were probably due to us spoiling her with premium salmon and daily hugs)

C’s started work at one of the key local law firms, and she says that work as a pupil is really quite light because the partners are always so busy. In a way it always seems like that in corporate! More and more, my inclinations are turning towards litigation – there is a greater variation in cases and more research based tasks and maybe even some time in court (though the major part comes only when you hit partner level).

She told me a cute story of her old white cat, whom I ever saw – fat, lazy and really closed to the world. Tempura’s mother was such a flirtatious little lady however, and tried to seduce everyone, even that old fat lazy white cat, but the latter didn’t even blink an eye to her!

I was amused by the thought of Tempura mother’s flirting tendencies. Why is Tempura then, so much of an Ice Maiden with our local boys? Ah well, I prefer it that way really.

We went for sushi and I loved the salmon carpaccio- a lovely dish with toppings of salmon roe which I adore. You can leave me on a deserted island with a tub of salmon roe and I might just be happy.

Dizzy afternoons.


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