Hello Kitty~

As you might recall, I am a big Hello Kitty fan!~

SC’s Christmas present for me….he sent it early Dec but because of the mail delays, it is still in customs. When he called recently and asked if I liked ‘the ringtone’, I was so confused and originally we bothered on a discussion about something else until I realized he was talking about this:

Hello Kitty 318 phone!!!

I think I am addicted just listening to the ringtone already XD It will be the precedent of the most irritating and cutest ringtone I have ever had. Right now I have some random Korean tune, and previously I had Charlie’s Angels *rofl… I am thinking however of downloading a Chopin piece…imagine Chopin playing from a Hello Kitty phone…Chopin will turn in his grave…

Thanks so much SC!! Most amazing Christmas present ever!~ Especially since the phone is currently apparently out of stock everywhere.

I am still considering getting a Blackberry Bold, though the fact that I can’t link office emails is a -1, for security reasons.

My current phone is deco-ed to the nines…but I doubt I’ll touch the HK 318, its cute enough as it is!

Go bankers with cute phones!

Watched ‘Shall We Dance’ today, and was quite addicted to the dances. It was a treat to see Richard Gere, though he is not Fred Astaire… It made me fall in love with ballroom dancing again.

I recently attended another ballroom dance event, forgot to mention it, and was enraptured by the lovely dances and the ladies in blue velvet dresses and some sort of glitter complexion polish. For some minutes the crowd would fall silent as the dancers took the floor – the waltz, the rumba…


I long to find an old-fashioned boy too…~ : )


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