On Chet;

A new boy who joined is a trumpet player. I excitedly asked him if he played any pieces from Chet Baker, and he didn’t know who Chet Baker was!

Chet Baker is my favourite jazz artist, I am distraught that someone can play the trumpet and like neither Chet Baker nor jazz! Chet epitomizes all I love about jazz –

Here’s a short selection from Chet :

A version of an old Rita Hayworth classic…which quickly grew to be my favourite too, as most favourites of Beansprouts’ are. Oh Beansprouts, when no one gets jazz, you understand the way I do, too.

Chet Baker was the reason why I fell in love with jazz…almost nine years now. He always makes me feel strangely vulnerable and think of autumn leaves and dreamy remembrances…


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