Jennifer Behr;

My favourite hair corsage and headband maker, Jennifer Behr, had a sale last weekend to raise funds for the Haiti rescue effort.

I’ve meant to write about Jennifer for some time, who has produced some really remarkable pieces, made famous by the cult classic, Gossip Girl, worn by the queen, Blair Waldorf, herself.

The cream headband below is my favourite piece in my collection, and her designs are simple and elegant, deriving inspiration from some classic wedding favourites.

Another personal favourite, the pink orchid centerpiece which I think matches perfectly with Blair’s summer frock –

Other lovely pieces…the lilac one is absolutely lovely, it reminds me of a piece out of Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream…I am not sure why! And the white double rosettes is a Blair signature piece.

Her golden rope headbands are legendary, and there was a classic scene with Chuck Bass where every GG fan would remember that gold rope headband as they enveloped into a kiss which marked the end of the season!


Check out for these exquisite creations~! Catanna has helped me source for colours and materials, and she is very helpful and patient with requests to bring your dream headband to life.

*photographs from Breathless Magazine Stardoll


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