Tonight was the first round of the scrabble competition. CY and I were on the same team, and overall we lost one game and won the other one.

The one we lost was really difficult for me – I got loaded with a whole lot of rs (5 to be exact) and an amazing no. of consonants without a single vowel! I should have unloaded. I learnt some new words nevertheless like eft, and that dijon and zen are not dictionary words (and yet we have the strange overrated vowel dumps which do not seem to bear any intelligible meaning (until you find out they are names of some rare dolphin in Mexico).

Working with a timer can be stressful, yet CY and I were not exactly spoilt for choice, and so we have about ten minutes left – and yet very little to count on word choice.

But it was so much fun and I was so thrilled at certain moments, and realizing that some new words exist, or challenging yourself to read all sorts of anagrammatic possibilities.

I love Scrabble, I am newly addicted! Its almost as great as poker, and the bluff is on hand as well ; )

One of the guys is a national player *gulp sure hope I am not going against him tomorrow night.

Do you play Scrabble, Beansprouts?


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