On cats and accidental habits;

I read this adorable entry posted by Figgyscott this morning!

Freeloading Fudge –

I guess I should blame myself for this situation. Or more aptly, this group . It started so innocently enough. I was having a ham&cheese sandwich, and I wanted to see whether you or your sister Mocha would eat people food like a lot of other cats written about in this group. My other two cats are very finicky and have walked away from cat treats. I dropped very small pieces of ham and cheese.

Mocha did not seem interested in either, you (with reservations) ate the cheese, but GULPED down the ham. Ok, my curiosity was satisfied. End of experiment. Yeah, no. Since then (over a week ago), whenever I am eating anything at the dining table, there you are, letting me know in no uncertain terms that you want more. I did try sharing crust from a Pop-tart, but you only want the good stuff. You have tapped me on the leg, even jumped on my lap, no doubt thinking the closer you are to the food, the less resistance I would have to giving you some.

Sorry Fudge, it does not work that way. You only get one (maybe two) very small bits per sandwich I eat. Tonight was especially interesting. I had pork roast for dinner, and just the smell of it alone drove you absolutely wild. You were constantly trying to get on my lap. I decided to stop feeding you from the table and waited until I was done and back in the kitchen to give you a small bit. I dropped one, and you grabbed it. Mocha wandered into the kitchen to see what was up and you *growled* at her, backing up with your prize at the same time! Possessive, are we? I dropped a piece for Mocha but she showed no interest. No worries – you were more than willing to snarf that one up too. It’s not like I don’t give you good cat food, you moocher. You get Wellness dry and split a small can of Wellness turkey and salmon with Mocha every morning.

What have I done? –

Your loyal feeder and treat giver

Indeed, the bad things I am learning from the Note to Cat community. That day, I tried to coax my kitten into giving me a shiatsu massage, since other cats did that too. And my cat prowls on dim sum – and now, she is perpetually sniffing at the CNY goodies!


One response to “On cats and accidental habits;

  • thecatsman

    Hmmm it seems you (Figgyscott) are back in training on proper spoiling of master cat.I am not allowed to give sympthy here as my black would not approve.Old three fang however totaly approves of proper and copious ammounts of people food for his brothers in Catdom………I live to serve Sir Twinky….The Cat’s Man….lol

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