Rouge or pink… which has caught my fancy today?

A little post devoted to pink… without meaning to, for my favourite colour, in all actuality, is not pink… admitably though, I am a dilettante, and Beansprouts knows full well my favourite colours and tastes changes like tomorrow’s sunrises and sunsets.

Remember my last What’s In My Bag flickr post mid-last year? : )

I now opt for a roomier version to fit my daily reads, though it is just as pink. I love Samantha Vega.

And this is Snowy, named after C’s little shihtzu that I absolutely adored… Snowy was bought in a little village in Bath (Paddington’s Shop) and was meant to be C’s little Snowy, but I don’t know how I came to kidnap it for my own!

Snowy looks like a brown/red version of the actual Snowy…

One of the relatives I visited today used to have two dogs, and they had a devoted female owner who would cook them healthy and special meals, and take them on walks. They loved people and I remember then even as a child, I had a little fondness for dogs, and used to press my nose against the glass wall as they were always hidden away to avoid frightening other visitors (Imagine, when the dogs were the tiniest cutest creatures!) Animals (like the little ducks in my uncle’s pond who would suddenly walk into the living room of the bungalow in a happy wet line) were always my favourite part of Chinese New Year visitations when I was a child.

Now, there is nothing much to look forward to anymore, but conversations on practicalities and investment management (admitably IM is my pet subject, but it only reminds me I’ve grown up of sorts) and aunts who are convinced that you are fated to grow forever vertically upwards (by at least a few inches) every year.

My New Year outfit is not very new, not very old… 


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