Little princesses live in the airport;

I was at the airport last week for a late study session, and came across this pretty little shop entitled ‘Little Princess’. I admitably lingered at the shop for more than a fair amount … in a way, being a grown up little girl, you have an excuse to stay in the shop longer than the little girls I met who had to beg their mothers! A little girl I came across caught eye of the shop, and ran with her arms outstretched to the shop, squealing “Princess laaand!” I thought that was really adorable.

In Princess Land, little girls must have at least one tutu.

The gorgeous array of hair accessories… really cute little ribbons and spank style bows!

Where cherries grow on bags…

If a little girl dreams of having all these shoes, would she ever grow up wearing anything else?

Of course, I left with a little something too – 

Two thin headbands and an adorable spank like phone accessory!~ (I don’t think it even has any practical use, but I am just in love with the fact you find so many queer little sweet things in one bag tied with a bow~

Also, I have a pair of shoes that look just like that.

 The best part of the shop is that it is surprisingly rather affordable. Take the little bow chain below, I had bought it from another Korean shop recently, and I found the same bow in the shop, for almost 1/6 of its price in the shop I had bought it at! =_=’

In many ways, in that shop for a moment I felt exactly like how that little girl did, too.


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