On dogs and mops;

Ahh!! This must be the cutest dog in the world!!

The winning entry I believe, in the annual Westminister Dog Show. I wonder if there is a cat show…my dear kitten can win the prize for scoffing down the most salmon in one sitting!

In other words, I recently received this invite in the mail (I used to be quite involved in Cat Welfare activities and the like, but it has gone to a drizzle after I met my cat (you are a bad habit, Tempura, after I met you, I don’t even gush over other cats as much anymore, as if something in me is worried you will be jealous!)

The mailer from Cat Welfare Society:

Happy New Year! We are kicking off the new Tiger Year with a bang!
It is our pleasure to invite you to the opening of our week-long art and advocacy event on 21 Feb 7.30pm.The provocatively titled “Tiger Show” welcomes the year of the Mighty Cat in celebration of our humble Community Cats. The show will bring together people from all walks of life who have a passion for animal welfare, and most certainly, a soft spot for our feline friends – to gather, to share, to learn and to party!

We have an exciting line-up for the week: 21 Feb (Sunday) 7.30pm – The Tiger Show Opens
Join us for the opening of our week-long feline-inspired Art Exhibition and Bazaar!
The show is a gathering of renowned cat artists like Paul Koh of Catmasutra, Ng Ling Tze of Sloth Studios, the team from Cats of the World as well as other local artists like multi-disciplinary visual artist,Tay Bee Aye and ceramist, Michelle Lim. Many feline-inspired collectibles will also be on sale at the show!
25 Feb (Thursday) 8.00pm – “I am Cat. Hear Me Roar”
An advocacy and mediation workshop for the welfare of cats
Be part of an open and honest discussion with SPCA, Action for Singapore Dogs and Cat Welfare Society and guest panelist Mr Siew Kum Hong about where animal welfare, especially for domestic animals, stands in Singapore – our progress and our stumbling blocks, with insights into the role of new media in advancing our collective cause. Our line-up of speakers include Jaipal Gill from SPCA who will be speaking on animal sentience, Kelly Then on managing disputes and November of Leafmonkey Workshop on new media advocacy.
26 Feb (Friday) 7.30pm Animal People Singles’ Night!
It’s a party so let the fur fly. It’s time to break out the alcohol and the party heels. If you have ever lamented that you met this wonderful person to find out they hate your dog or your hamster, you won’t have this problem here. And did we mention the vivacious Maia Lee is performing? (Strictly humans tonight, please!)
28 Feb (Sunday) 12 – 5pm Cat’s Day Out
We are reviving this popular gathering of cat people and their cats! Join our favourite host, Melody Chen in search of the most beautiful domestic cat that day! Also look out for cat grooming services, cat and owner photo portraiture taking, cat training workshop and a very special symposium cum visual performance by the one and only Smiling Yogi Bala Matchap — Cat Yoga!

The most worrying part of the mailer? I think I am actually attending the events…with Tempura in tow… (especially for the event on 28 Feb!) I would love cat training, because she is so spoilt now she even knocks on the door to be let in and insists that the middle of my book is her sitting prerogative.

Cat yoga. *rofl


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