Musical note~

I dislike last minute snipers, I really do. I don’t recall ever losing to a last minute sniper, but still.

Regardless, I still managed to get my Shirley Temple Musical Note dress!~

I am really so tired after the inspection today- its the first day but! I was really feeling down today after some revelations occurred in the day.

One thing which encouraged me a little, was however, the fact that my head stood up for me and endeavoured to really help me in the process, though hr still rejected my application to let me take no pay leave to take my bar course in the end.

My boss suggests I should opt for a Masters in Harvard instead, and go for an LLM  like how I originally considered. Both my bosses had done their LLMs in Harvard, and speak well of the course- though his forte is competition law, whereas my interests gear towards international finance.

But we’ll see how life takes its course. Maybe today’s rejection is a sign that there was something else meant for me after all.


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