When cats get groovy;

I promised I’ll write about the groovy feline party organized by the Cat Welfare Society on Friday – (how could I curb Beansprouts from offering his catty puns on the event?).

It was a whimsical night, with Post-Museum tucked away in a little corner near Farrer Park train station (I’ll probably go back with a friend to try one of those quaint little Indian restaurants another day, very Brick Lane and curiosity about curry) – pretty glad I’ve discovered new places lately, like the up-and-coming vintage bazaar of Haji Lane.

A key part of the evening for me was the adorable little exhibition (admitably it has been going on for some time, but I haven’t had time to go take a look) dedicated to our feline friends! There was a series of feline inspired art, and lovely photographs of cats all around the world… (I am guessing the bicycle features a cat welfare member in action, complete with kitty sterilization and care supplies!)

And of course I couldn’t resist getting my hands on some kitty inspired supplies!~








I got some kitty stickers and a kitty hairclip – which is featured in the last photo (I got the white and brown one, because it of course reminds me of my little Tempura)

Maia Lee performed for the night, I don’t remember where she’s from (guilty as charged) but I do love her bubbly personality! Her songs were rather sweet and lovely for the evening.

We had two other performers, Nicholas Tan and another jazz singer (the latter did a version of pop jazz…) Rather refreshing for the evening, and makes me want to pick up my guitar again…

Overall it was a great evening, kudos to the organizers! Its a pity I had to miss Cats Day Out as I was home studying, but I think my cat is also too cat-shy to meet other cats (she just pretends to be fierce when she’s scared, haha!)

 Photos by K.K Davis, shared with permission


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