The kitty will never fall in love;

{Above, my favourite pink brooch which was handmade by Kelly}

I feel so sad for my poor kitty!  When she first came back from the vet, she hid from all of us, until I realized my vain little kitten was embarassed about her bandage and wanted to hide away from all of us. So I petted her to sleep in her little box in the verandah (where you used to sleep for a few days as a little girl)…

Later in the evening as I was working on math questions I suddenly heard a trudging of steps…my little kitten was endeavouring to climb the stairs up to my room on the second floor! (I did not dare to hug and lift her in case she would hurt). And it was so difficult for her for she was bandaged, wounded and hurting…but she had limped all the way, jumped six times to get on to the bed, so that she could cuddle by my side and rest her head on my lap.

I love my kitten and I feel so sorry for her little sterilised self…her nose is black (which used to be pink) and her eyes look so sad and she is most of all vain and I know she wishes to remove the bandage and she is sorry she cannot lick herself clean and well as she used to.

All I can do is kiss her behind the ears as I do and hope my kisses and songs make the pain go away, at least for awhile.


One response to “The kitty will never fall in love;

  • Victoria

    Hello! Your kitty got bandaged for sterlization? Mine didn’t.. Don’t worry, they are usually more shocked than pain. She’ll get well soon ^_^

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