Mozart Sonata for Two Pianos in D, K. 448; 1st movement; Perahia & Lupu

I love Perahia, and re-found this piece which I loved so much as a young child!

I would love to hear this duet in real life, so Beansprouts, I am expecting you and Yosuke to practice very hard.

Further psychological reasoning to listen to this piece (please note I think this is data mining ha ha!)

About 15 years ago, neurobiologists from the University of California at Irvine performed an experiment which concluded that listening to K. 448 for 10 minutes was correlated with a temporal increase of 8-9 IQ points. However, they determined that this enhanced intellectual capacity was related to spatial intelligence (the dependent variable), and that it only lasted about 15 minutes. Each of 36 college students was given three treatments (the independent variable) before being tested three respective times: listening to K. 448 for 10 minutes; a relaxation tape for 10 minutes; and sitting in silence for 10 minutes. Directly after each treatment was applied, the test subject was assigned to tackle spatial reasoning exercises (such as paper-folding problems), and the associated score was then converted to a Stanford-Binet intelligence scale. Statistical analyses showed that the mean IQs corresponding to the second and third treatments were not significantly different from one another, but the average IQ for the first treatment was significantly higher than the other two treatments.


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