Jazz @7atenine

Today was an absurd, troubling yet enjoyable day…and I got surprised with a pink birthday cake!

I recalled today that all my life, all my birthday cakes have been pink (with the exception of the Bibimbap Lawyers/Chie version). Somehow I give the impression that pink birthday cakes would best suit me, ha ha!

Will write more about the whole rather decadent affair in time. Learnt that counting game. Problem – we used good quality pinot noir for the drinking game, and so I, being a newbie, downed excellent pinot noir for a 5/10 drinking game! But pinot noir is my wine of sorts, so it was altogether not much of a penalty. But the bill later/combined with all manner of drinks was quite significant, to say the least…  still, it was a special night, and people were lux and uninhibited – the things which crossed the table tonight would have shocked some others, but they were allowed in the safety of a secret jazz evening.

But there are many thoughts which I can’t write here about. Often, I feel that life is losing the innocence it once had for me. But we can talk about that the next time, Beansprouts, when you relate the story of your Scottish adventure (I am jealous of your Rome straying and romantic tales in medieval Italy!)

Life is getting richer and more complex, but also I feel much more sad and lonely nowadays, and more often. An interesting irony, or maybe I am expecting too much out of my life. But I am determined, to never show that front when other people are around me.

If all fails, there are always sinful floats, and jazz @ 7atenine.


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