Book Exchange!

Thank you for your support thus far with this blog, sharing your comments, and offering good reads. I am glad to have heard from you in the past few months since I started, and hope this blog will continue in time too (and not be abruptly terminated by circumstance like the previous ill-fated blogs I had previously set up.

Just as something special, J & I are starting a sort of blogging book exchange, with people all around the world – here’s how it works.

If you are interested in exchanging a book with me, (or sharing your own book even, as some have shared in the past), please leave me a comment with your email (which will be screened as usual) and I will write back from my email separately. In your comment, please share what kind of books/poetry/literature panders to your taste, your favourite authors and genres, and anything you would like to share about yourself. Please leave also your address (or if you prefer, to send only when I email you back). You can even leave me any particular requests eg. I only like books with black book covers, or authors whose surnames begin with an S and peculiar habits like that.

We will then send each other a secret recommended book by post… a book exchange across the world!~ Isn’t it exciting? Of course, locals are welcome to trade books with me too.

Do drop me a message then if you would like to participate in our book exchange! (Old friends welcome too…even you, Beansprouts)

It doesn’t even have to be literature/ fiction but uh…I might not be able to read your math textbook on econometrics…0.0


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