Sunflower random thoughts;

She is so lovely.

The song which made me smile yesterday:

I had the best katsu don I ever had in a little homely japanese restaurant in Orchard Central…and in the centre of the room was a whole vase of blooming sunflowers.

My division went for karaoke yesterday afternoon – and I rediscovered old favourites – Jeff Chang, Andy Lau, Jay Chou, Leslie Cheung…We all had so much fun together and I even did a duet of Sometimes When We Touch with my boss…ha ha!

Recently, JRV shared with me about his ‘epistemological constellation shift’ theory…

The First – I will miss L, who will be away for exchange in Taiwan. We met for dinner, and had squid ink pasta, wafu spaggethi and french onion soup in Ma Maison, a fond place where we did not fear being effusive.

The Second – It has been so fast but…the voyeur…found another dreamer. Who makes her breathless. Who knows a little secret part of her heart.

The Sole – I don’t know how things will come to be, but even if we did not change each others’ constellations, Beansprouts, you give me the constant warm feeling of scones and jam, with my afternoon cream teas.

I love, all the best friends (even if I am devastatingly unfaithful when it comes to best-friend-ism. I think you know, but I think you will stand CP being unfaithful, in this instance.


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